Public Speaking Masterclass for Teams

Help your team to become naturally confident presenters !

Speak So Your Audience Will Listen will give your team the skills they need to pitch, present and persuade – effectively and successfully.

Your team will work individually online, at their own pace, across 10 easy to follow modules. There are notes to download and simple exercises to follow at the end of every module.

Taking one module a day, in just ten days, they could become confident presenters and speakers! They will enjoy this practical and instantly actionable journey.

Group follow-up session to embed learnings

Having completed the course, we can run an interactive group team coaching session to embed the learnings. This is a highly effective and cost-efficient way to change behaviours and skill up your team.

Here’s the thing, most of us think we’ll get better over time. What we actually do is keep doing the same old thing. And because your team might often be working from home, this is a great time to motivate and skill them up.


The masterclass teaches you how to engage your audience, structure your messaging, and pitching ideas under pressure.


How to handle your nerves, feel confident, tailor your message to varied audiences, and speak with authenticity.


Improve your voice and body language, and master the abilities to persuade through video conferencing as well.

Let’s talk! Contact us to discuss your team’s requirements.

10 modules with over 3 hours of video coaching with interactive exercises.

We offer group discounts and follow up in-person sessions. Please contact the office to discuss the needs of your particular team. We look forward to speaking with you.

What they will learn

  • End your nerves
  • Master body language
  • Centre your voice
  • Boost your confidence
  • Build your connection
  • Develop your structure
  • Power up your message
  • Transform your delivery
  • Ace your presentation
  • The art of video conferencing

About Robin Kermode

One of Europe’s leading communication coaches.

Robin Kermode is a former actor, best-selling author and leading communication coach. He works globally with senior leaders, politicians & corporate teams.

“Robin has a rare ability to talk to everybody individually – even in a larger group.”

David James
Senior Manager, L&D UK, The Walt Disney Company


Speak So Your Audience Will Listen is for anyone wanting to develop the skills to pitch, present or persuade effectively and authentically with every audience, in every medium.

Very much so, yes. The skills you will learn in the Masterclass are as valuable for video conferencing as for in-person communication. Module 10 specifically covers the art of video conferencing.

Of course. We’d be delighted to discuss a Team Discount for your team. Discounts for bundles can start from as few as 10 employees. Please contact the office for more information.

Whatever your level of experience, The Masterclass will develop your communication skill sets. It has been designed carefully to work for many levels of experience – from the beginner to the seasoned pro!

Yes, it will. Everybody gets nervous. Of course, practice helps, but what works best is having a toolbox so that you are in control. This Masterclass will look at both your structure and content, as well as your delivery. Having a set of tools really helps. Robin has been coaching for over 15 years and has helped thousands of clients deal with nerves. There are some great exercises included in Module 1, specifically to help deal with nerves!

It will probably take about 10 days to complete The Masterclass.

The course has 10 Modules and we would suggest watching one Module a day. Download the notes and practice the exercises on that day. Each module runs for about twenty minutes, so if you follow one module a day, it would take ten days.

Of course, you could watch it straight through in over 3 and a half hours but, for the best learning experience. It should take you around 10 days. And, I promise, it will be fun!

That’s great! Robin would love to help you take your skills to the next level. He has worked with senior business leaders and politicians globally for the last 15 years. Think of this as good to great! It’s an interesting and fun journey and Robin looks forward to working with you.

Speak So Your Audience Will Listen will give you the skill sets that are relevant for 1-1 meetings, video calls, pitching around a table, or presenting to larger groups.

‘Public Speaking Skills’ are useful whenever you want to connect with your audience and get your message across. This course will be hugely helpful, whether you are speaking to an audience of one or one thousand; whether you are presenting or simply having a chemistry meeting. You will be able to use the skills from this Masterclass in both your professional and personal life; from having 1-1 conversations to delivering presentations at work, right through to giving a speech to a larger group. These skills are also useful if ever you have to speak at a family event or if you are going for a job interview.

Yes, there are exercises at the end of every Module for you to practice.

Yes, each Module has a set of notes which you can download and print off. This is a great way for you to remember what you’ve learned in that module.

The Masterclass starts from £250 for 10 online Modules (over three hours of video training). We offer discounts and follow-up in person sessions for teams. Please contact the office to discuss the needs of your particular team.

You will have access to The Masterclass for one full year from the date of purchase, so you will have plenty of time to watch each module as many times as you like.

No, you will need Internet access to watch the Masterclasses.

Yes, it will be fun! Robin has been coaching for over 15 years and the overwhelming feedback is that his sessions are not only fun – but also instantly actionable.

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