We have worked with hundreds of individuals, teams, senior leaders, businesses, universities, schools and charities – here’s what they have to say ...

“Any leader in any field will benefit from a session with Robin, he’s brilliant.”

Sue Cheshire

Co Founder/MD, Global Leaders Academy

“Robin is inspirational and infectious.”

Paul Viney

Chairman, Woolley & Wallis

“Robin has a rare ability to talk to everybody individually – even in a larger group.”

David James

Senior Manager, L&D UK, The Walt Disney Company

“I recommend Robin to anyone who wants to up their game in communications.”

Martyn Dawes

Founder, Coffee Nation

As CEO of a global educational association it is invaluable that Robin has familiarity with the culture of communications across continents. Robin is warm, witty and laser focused on how to make the most of oneself in communicating and connecting. He is simply brilliant!

Sue Cunningham​

President & CEO, CASE

“I can’t remember when I last learned so much, that was so useful in so little time and so enjoyably!”

Andy Atkins

Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

“Robin made a significant difference to the quality of our presentations. His training was delivered with humour and personality with a long lasting impact.”

Pierre Lever

CEO, Planet Retail

“Robin has given my team confidence, building on their own individual styles with surprisingly rapid results.”

Rob Keve

CEO, Fizzback

“Practical insights, tools, personal energy and humour. A safe and supportive environment for even the most nervous of aspiring presenters.”

Mike Hind

Communications Manager, CAP

“The staff loved it. Completely different from anything they’d had before. It was wonderfully refreshing.”

Joanna Ebner

Head, Thomas's Kensington