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Robin is an actor, best-selling author, and leading communication coach

Working globally with senior leaders, politicians, and corporate teams, Robin’s charismatic approach has made him a popular keynote speaker, MC, and facilitator.

He also hosts the insightful ‘The Art of Communication’ podcast and is recognised as the leading body language expert for The Guardian, The Telegraph, and the Daily Mail.

Coaching Services

Empowering Individuals, Teams, and Leaders through Communication Coaching

communication coaching for individuals
For individuals

Build Confidence with Personalised Coaching

Personalised communication coaching designed to empower you with the skills and natural confidence to excel in presentations and public speaking.

communication coaching for teams
For Teams

Optimise Business Team Communication Skills

Interactive and engaging communication skills training aimed at fostering better internal and external communication among business teams.

communication coaching for leaders
For Leaders

Tailored Coaching for Impactful Leadership

Bespoke one-on-one communication training for senior leaders, helping them to effectively communicate and lead with confidence, charisma and impact.

Online Masterclass

Become a confident public speaker in just 10 days. Sign up for my online masterclass!

Do you aspire to captivate audiences with engaging pitches and presentations, both in-person and virtually?

Speak So Your Audience Will Listen – the online masterclass is designed just for you! This immersive masterclass features 10 easy-to-follow modules, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Complete enjoyable and practical exercises at the end of each module, and embark on a transformative journey towards communication mastery.



Tune in to my podcast, The Art of Communication, now with over 850,000 downloads!

In this entertaining and engaging podcast, I delve into all aspects of how we connect with everyone we meet in order to master the art of communication.

In the Communication Experts series, I engage with a diverse range of experts – including writers, TV presenters, politicians, art dealers, and priests – who all share their experiences of speaking within their unique domains. Stream this enlightening podcast on all popular podcast platforms.