INSET/CPD Video Coaching for Teachers Course – helping teachers connect in the classroom via video conference

Teachers are naturally good and experienced speakers but, currently, they are having to teach via video conference. And, as you know, there are huge challenges here.

Why not offer your staff this highly practical and interactive course?

We will learn how we can communicate more effectively via video conference. We will look at voice, body language and structure. And ultimately how we can create as near a classroom experience as possible.

The Course is usually run for 90 minutes but it can be adapted for your staff and their requirements.

The consistent feedback from teachers and Head Teachers is that Robin’s courses are inspiring, practical and hugely enjoyable.

What staff and pupils will learn

  • Dealing with nerves
  • Body language signals
  • Finding your ‘natural’ voice
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Structuring key messages
  • Connecting with our audience

For pupils

‘How to feel Confident’ – a one hour talk for Sixth Form pupils

We passionately believe there is a real need for children to be able to communicate clearly and confidently, whether reading aloud in class, speaking from the podium on Speech Day or at a university interview.

In this one hour talk, Robin will share some simple and effective tools that can help pupils appear and feel more confident in pressured situations, like public speaking or university or job interviews.

We will look at nerves, voice, and body language – learning how to tread that fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Confidence is an invaluable life skill that will help pupils in situations well beyond the classroom.

The consistent feedback from pupils, and from Heads of Sixth Form, is that this talk is inspiring, practical and great fun.

How it works

Interactive Training

Engaging and interactive training on learning skills for confidence, voice, body language and structuring of messages.

Group Exercises

Fun and enjoyable sessions to role-play and test various scenarios, developing bonding and learning at the same time.


Your staff and students will learn the essential skills to communicate with confidence, clarity and charisma.

For students

Interactive Public Speaking and Interview Skills training – helping students succeed in the real world

We all want to do our best when facing the nerves around public speaking or the worrying prospect of an interview, whether that’s for our next school, university or our first job.

Our group Public Speaking training is great fun. It’s crammed full of specific tips and exercises to help each individual student.

With an interview, we only have one go at it, so 1-1 coaching practice is really helpful. We want pupils to be relaxed and prepared enough to be their very best, every time.

Learning these skills while still at school gives students a firm foundation on which to build as they grow into adulthood, helping them substantially in both their personal and professional lives.

Our experience, enthusiasm and sense of humour, make our sessions memorable, fun and above all, really effective.

Actor, author and communication guru

Robin Kermode is a best-selling author, popular keynote speaker and respected media commentator. He is the leading body language expert for The Guardian, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail. As one of Europe’s leading communication coaches, he works globally with senior leaders, politicians and corporate teams. Find out more.

“I can’t tell you how much the boys enjoyed themselves over the two days and how impressed the staff were with your Inset session. The feedback from staff was fantastic – lots of buzz in the staff room.”

Lucy Watts

Head, Eaton House School


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