We’re in the top 3% most listened to podcasts in the world!

According to the podcast search engine Listen Notes, we are now in the top 3% most listened to podcasts in the world!

With over 128 million podcasts in their directory, we must assume that only a small percentage can reach a sizeable audience, so I am deeply humbled and thrilled in equal measure.

I’m particularly excited at the global reach of the podcast, with 27% of our audience in North America, 23% in the UK and 17% in India.

We are very proud to have listeners in Ukraine, to whom we send our heartfelt thoughts and support.

We also have listeners in Cambodia, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Egypt, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Iraq, Vietnam, Peru, Brunei, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Philippines, France, New Zealand, Malaysia, Italy, UAE, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Nigeria, South Africa, Vietnam, Brazil, Romania, Switzerland, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Thailand, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Portugal, Hong Kong, Japan, Ghana, Indonesia, Greece, Kenya, Poland, Norway, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Algeria, Colombia, Iran, Myanmar, China, Slovakia, Finland, Luxembourg, Costa Rica, Croatia, Lithuania, Ethiopia, Bahrain, Trinidad and Tobago, Rwanda, Hungary, Estonia, Isle of Man, Moldova, Jordan, Haiti, Fiji, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jersey, Albania, Barbados, Latvia, St Lucia, Cameroon, Serbia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Chile, Zambia, Dominican Republic, Namibia, Namibia, Oman, Senegal, Panama, Djibouti, Madagascar, Swaziland, Gabon, Belize, Bahamas, Uruguay, Burma, Bermuda, Maldives, Sudan, Botswana, Venezuela, Ecuador, Lebanon, Libya, Congo, Bolivia, Iceland, Belarus, Jamaica, Palestine, Guyana, Cyprus, Afghanistan, Gibraltar, Congo, Kuwait, Honduras, Monaco, Guam, Seychelles, Guadeloupe and Kazakhstan.

Thank you for listening and, of course, we’ll let you know as soon as our next episode goes live.


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