The Art of Communication podcast hits 100,000 downloads!


We now have listeners in almost every country in the world, with more listeners in North America than in the UK.

If you’re a regular listener, can I say a huge thank you!  And, of course, please do subscribe and like 👍.

If you haven’t listened yet, do join us. The Art of Communication podcast is a project very dear to my heart.

Our latest episode is How to have Difficult Conversations. In previous episodes, we’ve looked at everything from How to tell a Joke and How to tell a Story, to How to have Instant Connection with everyone you meet.

The next episode up will be Going Blank – what happens when you’re giving a speech or going for a job interview and your mind goes blank? It’s a horrible feeling. You can’t even remember your own name! How can we prepare ourselves so this doesn’t happen and how do we deal with it when it does?  Join us for that and other episodes coming up shortly. And, of course, you can hear all our previous episodes wherever you listen to your podcasts.




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Empowering Individuals, Teams, and Leaders through Communication Coaching

communication coaching for individuals
For individuals

Build Confidence with Personalised Coaching

Personalised communication coaching designed to empower you with the skills and natural confidence to excel in presentations and public speaking.

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For Teams

Optimise Business Team Communication Skills

Interactive and engaging communication skills training aimed at fostering better internal and external communication among business teams.

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For Leaders

Tailored Coaching for Impactful Leadership

Bespoke one-on-one communication training for senior leaders, helping them to effectively communicate and lead with confidence, charisma and impact.