Are you ready for virtual and remote working?

We’re in an unprecedented third lockdown which, for nearly all businesses, means working from home or remotely and communicating virtually.

Nothing can beat the banter, the ability to connect and the overall quality of face-to-face interactions. Seeing the whites of someone’s eyes, a handshake, the ability to see facial expressions and body language and simply being able to bond over a cup of coffee are just some of the ingredients that helped us develop meaningful relationships and networks.

Now, we have to try and do the same via video call.

Of course, the face-to-face experience can never be fully recreated through virtual meetings, but you can still nurture relationships and connect with people via video call.

But here’s the snag…

Most of us think that we’ll just get better at video calls over time. The more we do them, the better we will become. I can understand the logic behind that, after all practice does make perfect but, in reality, we keep doing the same old things and we’re actually ‘practicing’ the wrong techniques.

I’ve worked with senior leaders who’d like to become even better communicators. I support them to make sure their message is landing as intended by helping them with their nerves, body language, voice, structure, delivery of their message, and many other subtle areas of connection.

Over the years, I’ve come to understand that the barriers we face in communicating confidently are pretty much the same for everyone, regardless of whether it is speaking to clients, customers, partners, colleagues, and even people in a social capacity, not related to work at all, such as wedding speeches and first dates.

This inspired me to package my Essential Public Speaking Masterclass, which is an online Masterclass delivered across 10 modules and is customised to accommodate the needs and challenges of remote working and virtual communication. In it you will learn to:

  • Control and end your nerves, rather than vice versa
  • Use body language to give out the right signals
  • Use your most authentic and real voice
  • Structure the message you intend to spread
  • Deliver that message in a way that it lands how you want

Amongst many other things. Module 10 specifically covers The Art of Video Conferencing.

This is a practical Masterclass. I won’t be teaching you theory, rather you will learn practical exercises that you can practice in your own time and start applying immediately in your next meeting.

The Masterclass is ideal for anyone who has a message to deliver. Whether your objective is to pitch to clients and customers or maintain a relationship with them, manage communication in a large team or in any other situation where communication is required. The techniques you learn in the Masterclass will helpful be to anyone in any walk of life.

Click here to find out more about The Essential Public Speaking Masterclass.

Team discounts

The Masterclass was originally developed for individuals. Now that remote working has become essential for the vast majority of us, I am offering a Team Discount for companies wanting to purchase the Masterclass for an entire team or department. To arrange a Team Discount, please contact me, I’d love to help!


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