Thanks for joining the recent call. I hope you found the session interesting, useful and fun.
You can download my 35 Top Tips for Video Conferencing from Home here.
This is a link to the mic I use.
Alternatively, this is one of the most popular mics around for around £100.
Occasionally I use this lapel mic (a lavalier mic).
Mostly I use the camera built-in to the laptop – but sometimes I use this external camera (depending on what lighting I have)
In different rooms, because of the change in lighting, I have two of these desk lights, one on each side if the light is low outside or if I’m working late at night.
This is the standing light I sometimes use. As you can see in the picture, the light has a stand to the floor, just behind the desk.
Good luck! And remember, the most important thing is simply to speak kindly, and be even more ‘human’ than usual when speaking on video.
I wish you all the very best.
Go safely,