Motivate your teams with a bespoke podcast!

As you may know, I have my own podcast, The Art of Communication, which has over 25,000 listeners. I’ve come up with a great new way of engaging teams. Why not motivate your teams with a bespoke podcast?
Motivating teams when they’re working remotely can be a challenge.
I’ve started producing bespoke podcasts for senior leaders and their teams.
The podcasts are made only for your ears, and created to address the specific communication challenges your teams might be facing.
In recent bespoke podcasts for clients, I’ve covered areas such as:
  • Dealing with nerves on a video call
  • Sounding authentic and confident
  • Structuring clear messages
  • Adapting messages for your particular stakeholders
  • How to connect instantly with everyone you meet
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Sell without ‘selling’ and pitch without ‘pitching’
The podcast will be yours to keep and distribute. It’s made to accommodate busy lifestyles, so your team can listen to it anywhere they want – and as many times as they want!
The podcast can be part of a wider coaching program to embed learnings or as a stand-alone coaching platform.
Contact me to arrange a call to discuss further. I look forward to speaking with you.