Help your team present authentically and effectively – in person or online

As you know, a presentation should never feel like a presentation. It should feel like a conversation rather than a sales pitch. But often, because of nerves or the importance of the outcome, we let ourselves down and it all feels a bit formal and formulaic. And even more so when presenting online via video conference.

The good news is that we can all learn to be really good presenters. Whether we are pitching, presenting or persuading. And we can learn how to connect with every audience, every time.

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Master the art of presenting


Your team will discover how to make an audience really want to listen to them. They will learn how to structure messages so they flow well, and master how to pitch ideas under pressure.


Your team will learn how to deal with nerves and feel confident. They will learn how to adapt their messages to different audiences and present with authenticity every time.


Your team will develop their voice and body language. They will learn the skills to persuade every audience,  authentically and effectively, whether in person or via video conference.

For Teams

Interactive Presentation Skills Training Course

This interactive Course for teams is currently run via video conference. We look at everything from voice and body language right through to structure and delivery. Ultimately, you want your team to look confident and relaxed in their own skin. And hopefully enjoy the experience too!

They will learn how to truly connect with their audience. They will discover how to find their ‘natural’ voice, so that they present with authenticity, confidence and gravitas. They will become more aware of the body language signals they give out and learn how to read the body language signals of the people they meet.

Your team will learn how to deal with nerves and learn how to feel comfortable, even in pressured situations. So whether they are pitching, presenting or persuading, they will learn how to have a lasting impact.

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How it works

Online Masterclass

Working individually, at their own pace, across 9 Modules, your team will learn the essential skills to pitch, present and persuade – like a pro! You can buy bundles for your team. Find out more.

Team Training

This interactive One Day Presentation Skills Training Course is delivered in-person, either on-site or online. Designed for teams of up to 15, it is instantly actionable! Contact to discuss.

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For Individuals

The Essential Public Speaking Masterclass

Buy a team bundle of this individual online Public Speaking Masterclass, run over nine Modules with exercises for your team to practice at the end of every Module. I cover everything from voice and body language through to content, structure and delivery. They will find everything here that they need to become confident and charismatic presenters. Whether you are pitching, presenting or persuading. And whether they are speaking in person or via video conference.

Here’s the thing, most of us think we’ll just get better over time. But what we actually do is to keep doing the same old thing. The skills your team needs are right here. Give me a call and we can arrange a discounted bundle of the online Masterclasses for your team right now. Why wait? Let’s help them ace every pitch and presentation!

The nine Module course takes just under two weeks to complete. You can buy bundles for your team. Please contact the office to discuss further.

Join the Essential Public Speaking Masterclass

Your team will learn

  • Connecting with their audience
  • Finding their ‘natural’ voice
  • Presenting with gravitas
  • Body language signals
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Structuring key messages
£7509 Modules with over 3 hours of video coaching with interactive exercises PLUS 1-1 coaching!
  • Control your nerves
  • Master your body language
  • Centre your voice
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Develop your structure
  • Power up your PowerPoint
  • Transform your delivery
  • Ace your presentation
  • Build your connection
  • PLUS
  • 1-1 video coaching session with Robin

Actor, author and communication guru

Robin Kermode is a best-selling author, popular keynote speaker and respected media commentator. He is the leading body language expert for The Guardian, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail. As one of Europe’s leading communication coaches, he works globally with senior leaders, politicians and corporate teams. Find out more.

“Robin is a fantastic person to work with. Beyond his exceptional communication skills which he visibly loves to transmit, his unrivaled active listening capabilities make him give always striking advice. His constant care and frequent follow-up also make everything even more efficient. Should you have the opportunity to collaborate with Robin, you certainly will be more than satisfied!”

Stéphane Pain

Transformation & Technology Director, HEINEKEN France


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