Learn to speak with confidence, charisma and authenticity

As a senior leader, you know how important your communication skills are in order to inspire others and achieve your organisational goals. You are already experienced and successful. Now is the time to go from good to great.

The Leadership Communication Masterclass is a four-part, bespoke 1-1 series developing your public and personal communication skill sets. It will be a highly rewarding and personal journey.

What you will learn

  • Speaking with confidence
  • Vocal authenticity
  • Building charisma
  • Executive presence
  • Speaking with gravitas
  • Establishing instant rapport
  • Putting people at ease
  • Structuring messages
  • Channeling energy
  • Being at ease

How it works

Tailored for you

The 1-1 Leadership Communication Masterclass journey is confidential and bespoke for you.

Four Sessions

The Masterclass is delivered 1-1, usually over a period of months, covering a range of areas as per your tailored plan.


By the end of the Masterclass, you will have the skills to be more effective through the art of communication.

For leaders

Transform your presence to engage every audience with maximum influence and influence

The Leadership Communication Coaching will be a personal journey, teaching you communication skills which are vital. Across four sessions, you will discover your natural, authentic voice, and master your body language.

You will be able to influence effectively in all your scenarios, from 1-1 meetings through to networking events and speaking on a larger stage. You will be able to engage your audience for maximum impact. Every time.

leadership communication masterclass

Master the art of communication


You will discover how to make an audience really want to listen to you. You will learn how to structure your messages so they flow well, and master how to pitch your ideas under pressure.


Learn how to deal with your nerves and feel confident. You will learn how to adapt your messages for different audiences and present them with authenticity every time.


Understand your voice, body language and how to connect with different types of people. You will learn the skills to persuade every type of audience, simply & effectively.

Actor, author and communication guru

Robin Kermode is a best-selling author, popular keynote speaker and respected media commentator. He is the leading body language expert for The Guardian, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail. As one of Europe’s leading communication coaches, he works globally with senior leaders, politicians and corporate teams. Find out more.

“Robin is a highly skilled coach; he’s great fun with natural warmth. He has plenty of practical advice (often delivered through fascinating & funny stories). He really helped me rethink how I talk about myself and how best to articulate what I want to do next. Thank you Robin!”

Pippa Glucklich

CEO / COO, Media, Digital, Communications


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