Leadership Communication

Communication skills coaching for leaders who need to speak with confidence & charisma

As a leader, it’s important to communicate effectively. You’ve got the experience to lead, but can you communicate your message effectively and confidently – every time?

I help senior executives, entrepreneurs and politicians develop a natural, confident communication style, so they speak with a sense of effortless ease. Working closely together, you will build the communication skill sets needed to speak with gravitas, authority and authenticity – even under pressure.

My bespoke 1-1 communication coaching is designed specifically for senior leaders looking to go from good to great, without sacrificing their privacy or their independence. This will be a highly rewarding and very personal journey together.


Learn how to engage your audience, structure your messaging, and how to pitch ideas under pressure – with natural confidence.


How to handle your nerves, feel confident, tailor your message to varied audiences, and speak with authenticity.


Improve your voice and body language, and master the abilities to persuade through video conferencing as well.

Communication Coaching for Leaders

Tailored 1-1 communication skills coaching for leaders who need to pitch, present & persuade.

You have an important role to play, and you know it. But as your responsibilities grow, so does the pressure on you to be perfect and do everything right all the time.

I’ve been working with senior leaders from the worlds of business, politics, finance, retail, education, sport and charity for over 15 years. Our 1-1 coaching will be bespoke and, of course, completely confidential. I know this will be an enriching and very personal journey together.

To enquire about my communication skills coaching for leaders, please get in touch with me today.

Communication Coach for Senior Leaders

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About Robin Kermode

One of Europe’s leading communication coaches.

Robin Kermode is an actor, best-selling author and leading communication coach. He works globally with senior leaders, politicians & corporate teams.

“Robin is one of the best speakers I have ever heard.”

Tracey Morgan,
Senior HR Manager, Bank of America


Professional, powerful communicators think carefully before they speak. They’re confident and clear. They prompt responses, are open-minded towards opposing opinions, and are able to show empathy for others’ perspectives while holding strong convictions of their own. The ultimate goal of a communication coach is for you to be able to communicate effectively, not only the facts but also the emotions behind the facts. By doing this, you can influence every audience with your clear intention. You can build impact during every meeting or interview, as well as in your everyday work environment.

Communication coaching is helpful for senior leaders because of the nature of their visibility, both personally and corporately. How they ‘are’ and how they behave can have a huge impact on an organisation. So it’s important that they are able to adapt their messages to all the different scenarios they will find themselves in for maximum impact and influence.

I can help you get in the right mindset before addressing others, identify what you actually want to say, instead of what you think you should say, and then make sure your ideas are accurately portrayed. Building on your communication skill sets will help your audience better understand your message by closing any gaps in language and body language and demonstrate your authority, gravitas and charisma.

I will listen and understand your challenges. We will work out a program designed especially for your requirements.

  1. We will take time to speak together to discuss your specific goals
  2. We will make a plan and decide how many sessions we might need to achieve your goals
  3. We will decide whether we work together face to face or via video conference
  4. Our journey will be entirely bespoke and, of course, completely confidential
  5. You will be able to engage every audience, every time and speak with confidence, charisma, gravitas and authenticity

Communication skills coaching provides guidance on how to improve communication. Leaders who exhibit charisma engage more followers through their leadership and are less likely to have conflicts in their teams.

Communication coaching helps leaders communicate effectively with charisma by reviewing techniques such as listening, actually saying what they mean and not what they think others want to hear or asking questions before making assumptions or judgments about other people. It’s helpful because I can show you that it is possible for you – any one of us! – to become a better communicator so that we can move forward at work together and create the world of our dreams!