Thank you for joining me today.

Here are my five top tips from the session:

Try The Headline Sandwich – start and finish with your main point.

Remember to use The Two Second Pause before you speak, either at the start of a presentation or when answering a question.

To align your breath with your emotional centre, try The Mini Fire Breath: three breaths in and out of the lower stomach, hold your breath for ten seconds, one more breath into the lower stomach and hold your breath again for ten seconds.

Always try to tell your audience what the emotional slant of your information is before giving them the actual information. That way they are more likely to hear it the right way.

To build excitement, try to say, ‘I would love to show you …’ or ‘I would like to show you …’ Try to avoid the word ‘just’ – as in, ‘I would just like to show you …’ which sounds apologetic.


You can download my full Top Tips pdf here:   TOP TIPS 2022

Wishing you the very best.

Take care,