Robin Kermode has forged a partnership with The British Theatre Playhouse, through its newly established Academy to bring Singapore a ‘branded’ global coach on the Art of Online Communication, after a wildly successful Singapore launch with a Video Conferencing Masterclass in October 2020, attracting an audience of more than 100 participants, Robin returns with a programme tailored to meet the essential needs of today.

“The British Theatre Playhouse Academy has been established to add value to the community by delivering virtual communication courses – essential for individuals in leadership, entrepreneurs, professionals, lecturers, teachers and students as available for corporate training in Singapore. We want to help organisations and individuals to communicate effectively and for success”, says Cecilia Leong-Faulkner, Managing Director of British Theatre Playhouse Academy in Singapore.

” We are in the world of Zoom these days and the future of work has changed. The way of working post-pandemic is going to be a sustainable and flexible hybrid system. Employees want to choose where they want to work and studies show productivity has been higher. Virtual communication to maintain that connection with our clients, teams, colleagues, lecturers, teachers and students are inevitable, where working remotely is currently the norm. Learning the art of online communication is key to pitching, presenting, persuading and landing your message to achieve what needs to be done.”